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Paul Naschy, Dean of Spanish horror films, dies

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on December 15, 2009

Paul Naschy in early 2009

Birth: Sep. 6, 1934         Death: Nov. 30, 2009

Actor, Screenwriter. Born Jacinto Molina Álvarez, he was acknowledged as the dean of Spanish horror films, with a cult following around the world. Performing in and writing many of his own screenplays, he made his debut as a werewolf in “Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror” (1968) and was a veteran of more then a 100 movies. Among his many credits are “Werewolf Shadow” (1971), “Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman” (1972), “Horror Rises From the Tomb” (1973), “Cannibal Killers, Human Beast” (1985), “School Killer” (2001), “Rottweiler” (2004) and “Tomb of the Werewolf” (2004). In 2000, Naschy’s autobiography “Memoirs of a Wolfman,” was published and Hollywood Horror Classics Inc. released a boxed DVD set, “The Paul Naschy Collection” in 2008.

From FindAGrave.com


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