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Scarlet Fire To Bring ‘The Hunter’ To The Big Screen

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on December 9, 2009

Blair Marnell – MTV News

Adam Hamdy’s “The Hunter” has been optioned as a potential feature film by Scarlet Fire Entertainment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamdy will write the screenplay adaptation for “The Hunter” and is also attached as a producer. Alan Loeb (“21”) and Steven Pearl from Scarlet Fire are also onboard as producers.

First released in 2007 by Dare Comics, a relatively new British comic book company that publishes in the US, “The Hunter” is a four issue miniseries by Hamdy and artist David Golding. It follows a CIA agent who gains superpowers that enable him to unravel a vast conspiracy designed to cripple the United States through multiple terror attacks. Hamdy’s script for the film is reportedly an original story created for the screen.

Hamdy was previously an internet entrepreneur before launching his writing career in 2007. In addition to being one of the founders of Dare Comics, Hamdy has also written material for the video game “50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.” His second comic, “Starmaker: Leviathan” will be published later this month.

“The Hunter” appears to be a part of an ongoing trend of small press comics getting picked up by Hollywood production companies. Earlier this year, titles like “Buskers”, “Chi-Chan”, “The Living and The Damned” and “Almighty” were all tagged for development despite a lack of exposure to the larger comic audience.


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