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Real aircraft and aerial stunts in new action-adventure film ‘War Birds’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on December 9, 2009

By Phil Guie  – CinemaSpy.com

Aircraft enthusiasts, take note: War Birds, a new action-adventure film featuring real aircraft and aerial stunts, is about to take flight. It will mark the debut feature of Michael Chait, who also wrote the story.
J. Todd Harris, one of the producers of the 2008 wine documentary Bottle Shock, and Tron Legacy screenwriter Richard Jefferies will polish up the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Along with Chait, they will produce the film for Michigan-based TMU Pictures.
War Birds will revolve around an airman-turned-airshow re-enactment pilot pulled into the underground world of illegal, dangerous real-life aerial combat. Along with modern military helicopters and jets, the air sequences will be shot using authentic P-51 Mustangs, P-38 Lightnings, F4U Corsairs and a B-17 Flying Fortress. Shooting is scheduled to begin next summer in Michigan, with Titanic cinematographer Russell Carpenter serving as visual consultant.

Chait, whose resume boasts a number of short films, said audiences can expect an old school experience unique to modern cinema.

“I love big, exciting, action-adventure movies, especially when they are shot live, in camera,” Chait said. “Growing up the son of an artist and a pilot, I’ve always worked the drama and production value of aviation into my movies. That’s still the best way to truly immerse an audience in the experience.”


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