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Eli Roth Talks Endangered Species

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on December 5, 2009

Eli Roth

 by wil – HorrorYearbook.com

Hostel director Eli Roth recently talked to MTV about his new film Endangered Species. Roth said that fans can expect a Transformers or Cloverfield type movie and that he is busy reworking the script after consulting with Quentin Tarantino.

“Quentin actually loved the draft and had some really great suggestions, so I’m tweaking the script,” he said. “And I’m working out some visual effects tests, which is going to determine how I shoot it.”

Roth wants to start shooting the film in 2010 and plans to start filling in the cast after he finishes tweaking the script.

“There are certain actors that I love and that I’d love to work with and certain people I have in mind. But it’s easier for me to hone and finalize and get the script finished and then the method by which I’m going to shoot it and then the order, and then cast it.”

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