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‘Tron Legacy’ Team Remaking Disney’s ‘The Black Hole’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on December 2, 2009

by Kofi Outlaw – ScreenRant.com

The remake/reboot/prequel game is now in full swing around Hollywood, but Disney has shown some promise in this area with the likes of the upcoming Tron Legacy, which made a huge (and somewhat unexpected) splash this past summer at Comic Con. If you haven’t seen the Tron Legacy trailer, then you probably don’t yet know why polishing up an old property can sometimes be a good thing.

Well, Disney is now dusting off another old property and giving it a modern polish — this time it’s the 1970s “groundbreaking” sci-fi adventure, The Black Hole, which is being put in the hands of the Tron Legacy team and the scribe of the upcoming Clash of The Titans remake.

The actual names behind this project are Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey and Clash of The Titans writer Travis Beacham.

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