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Zombieland Sequel Likely, And May Be In 3D

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 28, 2009

By Katey Rich: CinemaBlend.com

Ever since Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick admitted that the movie began as a TV series, there’s been discussion of a sequel for the massively profitable zombie comedy. Everyone seemed on board to do it so long as Sony was willing to pay for it, and talking to Moviehole, director Ruben Fleischer says the studio seems to finally be on board. Sony is “very interested” in a sequel, and not only that, they might be shelling out to put it in 3-D.

“The genre really lends itself to 3-D,” Fleischer said, which is something of an understatement given how many zombies, teeth, people and weapons went flying at the screen in the first film. Flesicher says they haven’t decided where the movie will be set or even on a story, but given that Reese and Wernick had planned a 12-episode season, I’m sure there’s no lack of ideas. And while 3-D’s usefulness in films that are trying to be serious has yet to be proven, movies like My Bloody Valentine and The Final Destination have used the technology to take schlock to a whole new level. Something tells me we’ll love watching Tallahassee and Columbus just as much in the third dimension.

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