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Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez re-team for new action film

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 26, 2009

Jessica Alba

by Kieron – ReelLoop.com

Jessica Alba is to re-unite with Robert Rodriguez in a film based on a series of Belgian graphic novels. Whilst the pair first teamed on the cinematic adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City, they are now to respectively star in and produce a big screen version of The Insiders. The director’s chair will, somewhat excitingly, go to Mabrouk el Mechri whose last film, the post modern action flick JCVD, somehow made Jean Claude Van Damme not only relevant again but, unexpectedly, an art-house darling.

   The Insiders focuses on the character Najah Cruz, a “Colombian who is as deadly as she is beautiful.” Armed with the weapons skills of James Bond Cruz must, according to icv2, “infiltrate a worldwide mafia-like organization composed of businessmen and politicians” to become the bodyguard of the organization’s leader.

   The Insiders marks one of many projects Alba has lined up at the moment. Alongside her role in the Meet The Fockers sequel, the erstwhile Dark Angel is set to appear in An Invisible Sign of My Own, Machete and Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me.

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