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Ryan Kwanten’s Invisible Superhero

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 22, 2009

Ryan Kwanten in Griff The Invisible

by Sarah Jane Lamont – FilmInk.com.au

Filming is soon due to wrap on the highly original, new Aussie flick, Griff The Invisible, a quirky yet thrilling story of an uncharacteristic superhero fighting for freedom and justice in an otherwise mundane world. Fresh from the set is a sneak-peek image of the crime-fighting superhero played by Ryan Kwanten, delivering the intensely penetrating gaze of Griff from behind his daily crime-sourcing reference.

Australian Ryan Kwanten would have to be pretty familiar to audiences by now as the overly amorous, dumb-but-loveable, redneck Southerner Jason Stackhouse in the hit HBO vampire series TrueBlood, co-starring Anna Paquin. Given Kwanten’s ease in portraying such an audacious character, it comes as no surprise that next up he is set to star in the title role of Griff.

Speaking about his character, Ryan Kwanten said, “By day, Griff works in an office. By night, he is a superhero – or is he? It was this question that attracted me to the role. Griff is such an original and boundless character to play… Every boy dreams of being a superhero and I’ve accepted my mission to bring this one to life.”

Despite its superhero premise, this film is, at its core, a love story that has Griff’s world turned on its head when he meets beautiful young scientist Melody, played by Maeve Dermody (Beautiful Kate, Blackwater). It is a story that challenges conformity in favour of being yourself, and which advocates finding happiness with people that allow you to be who you choose to be. The supporting cast includes Patrick Brammall and Toby Schmitz.

Griff The Invisible is the debut feature film of writer/director Leon Ford, who is better known for his acting credits (Tsunami: The Aftermath, Stepfather Of The Bride, Changi, the upcoming Beneath Hill 60), but follows up on his writing/directing short film effort Katoomba which picked up awards at the Sydney Film Festival and AFI Awards.

Griff is produced by Nicole O’Donohue, through Ford and O’Donohue’s collaborative production company Green Park Pictures, with executive producers Jan Chapman and Scott Meek also backing the project. It was developed with the assistance of Screen Australia through the Indivision Script Lab 2008, and will be distributed by Transmission Films.

“Griff The Invisible is guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen on screen before – no pun intended!” said Andrew Mackie and Richard Payten of Transmission Films. “We can’t wait to get this film to audiences in 2010.”

The Invisible is to be released nationally in late 2010.

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