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Amanda Peet talks pros and cons of special effects on the movie set

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 16, 2009

Amanda Peet

Amanda Peet


  Amanda Peet did her her first action movie with 2012, playing a mother who, with her ex-husband, played by John Cusack, flee with their kids from the end of the world.

What she didn’t know was how sick the process would make her, she tells parade.com.

  “I can’t go on thrill rides anymore because I get physically ill. But we filmed on sets where everything was bouncing around like a roller coaster. The worst was where we’re supposed to nearly crash in a plane that was mounted on a gimbal. It gyrated so wildly that I got really nauseous. Every night I’d go home and be like, ‘Am I still on the gimbal? Did I come down yet? Did I throw up?'”

  Peet also relies on special effects — or movie makeup — to cover her physical ‘flaws.’

“I’ve certainly taken my clothes off on camera, but you have body make up and special lighting. I mean, someone with a figure like Jennifer Aniston has a trainer, a cook spinning out some version of the latest diet, and probably a stop at the tanning salon. Then teenage girls go, ‘God, I wish I could look like that.’ Maybe they wouldn’t if they knew what it took.'”


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