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Universal Turning to ‘Ouija’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 8, 2009

Ouija board

By Phil Guie – CinemaSpy.com

Ouija is just a game, right? No, it’s also going to be a movie.
According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog, Universal has tapped Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz for Ouija, which would represent the latest tabletop game eyed for the big screen treatment. Hancock’s Peter Berg is currently working a film version of Battleship, while Ridley Scott has long been attached to direct Monopoly.

Ouija boards — or spirit boards, as they are sometimes called — have long been used to communicate with the spirit world; users perform a séance, and a planchette, upon which their fingers are placed, moves about the board, spelling out messages. Parker Bros. acquired the current version of the board in 1966, and since then, 12 million copies have been sold.

Universal is looking to make a supernatural action-adventure movie out of the property, with certain rules related to the game — for example, that it is never to be used alone, or in a graveyard — possibly incorporated into the plot. The film is being produced by Platinum Dunes’ Michael Bay, with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form attached as well.

Kitsis and Horowitz recently wrote the sci-fi adventure Tron Legacy. No word on a director, or if the producers will gently hold the camera while unseen spirits guide it along.


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