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Russian slash horror PHOBOS

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 2, 2009

Phobos movie still

Phobos Plotline:

Rainy summer evening… Young people are arriving at the new trendy club named Phobos which is still under construction. Or re-construction – since it’s a former bomb shelter which is reconstructed to become a club. At first, the party sees nothing wrong, but soon the bunker doors turn out to be locked, and the teenagers get trapped underground without light and communication. At first, all of them are joking and do not realize how dangerous their situation is. Then they get frightened. All of them will need to cope with their fears before the bunker will let them free.

Directed byPhobos
  Oleg Assadulin

  Aleksandr Shevtsov

  Fyodor Bondarchuk 
  Dmitry Rudovsky 

  Agniya Kuznetsova
  Pyotr Fyodorov
  Petr Tomashevsky
  Timofey Karataev
  Aleksey Vorobev
  Tatiana Kosmacheva
  Renata Piotrovski

  Aleksandr Burtsev

Click Here for Official Phobos website


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