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Green Lantern Will Be Heavy on Visual Effects

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on November 1, 2009

Green Lantern

From ReelzChannel.com

The superhero Green Lantern is not as well-known as some of DC Comics’ other characters like Superman and Batman, but Warner Bros. is banking on director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and lead actor Ryan Reynolds changing that when the live-action Green Lantern movie hits theaters.

So far, Reynolds is the only actor cast in the movie, and principal photography isn’t expected to begin until March. However, that doesn’t mean that work on the movie hasn’t already begun. In a recent interview with Empire, Campbell said that there will be roughly 1,300 visual effects shots and that “the process” of coordinating all of those shots is both “daunting” and “mind-blowing.” He said that most of the effects revolve around the source of Green Lantern’s super powers, stemming from his power ring.

Campbell added “It’s energized by a battery on the planet of Oa, which taps into the willpower of everyone in the universe. From that ring you can form constructs. So if you got into a fight, you could form a giant fist. Or a fighter plane.”

Clay Pinney is the special effects supervisor. Mr. Pinney is known for his work in such films as Independence Day, The Matrix Reloaded,  Star Trek, Angels & Demons as well as Speed Racer.


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