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‘Mummy’ Producer And ‘Hellboy’ Screenwriter Join Forces For ‘Mortis Rex’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 28, 2009

Mortis Rex

by Blair Marnell – MTV

Producer Jim Jacks has joined the supernatural action thriller “Mortis Rex,” which will be “Hellboy” screenwriter Peter Briggs’ directorial debut. Dominic Ianno is also on board as an executive producer, and the film will shoot next spring on location in Italy, Eastern Europe and the U.K., according to Variety

“Mortis Rex” – which is Latin for “King of the Dead” – is set in 122 AD. The story focuses on a disgraced Roman war hero who is given one last opportunity to redeem himself when he is sent to a Roman garrison plagued by a series of brutal and unexplained killings.

Briggs – who first broke into the industry with his spec script for “Aliens vs. Predator” – has been working to get “Mortis Rex” off of the ground for years. The news that Jacks, one of the producers of the “Mummy” films, is locked in with his company Frelaine Productions, means that the film is finally set to become a reality.

“I’ve always been interested in Roman history in general and the dark myths surrounding the building of Hadrian’s Wall in particular,” Jacks told Screen Daily. “Mortis Rex”‘s uniquely original, blood chilling telling of the legend of the Lost Legion with a monster movie twist has the makings of a truly exciting and commercial movie that is sure to spark excitement from global audiences.”

The official website is also online with an early look at some of the preproduction art and an animatic trailer.

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