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EloProgo Art House

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 25, 2009

Eloprogo Art Houseby Mark Gorelord

My firend from Indonesia, Yasmi Setiawati told about EloProgo Art House and here is the description:

EloProgo Art House is a space for an artists and everyone who wants to enjoy the art and nature at the same time. Surrounded by a beautiful views.. the rivers Elo and progo too tempting to be forgotten, stream from the Merbabu and Sumbing mountains and meet in the backyard of Eloprogo Art House. It is also close to the three amazing temples, Mendut, Pawon, and Borobudur. Here, nature offers beautiful scenery, while we offer a space for everyone..

Our missions are,
-to give a space for the art workers and lovers to express and create the ideas from within -to use art as an approach to the society and invite them to gather in the joy of art

Eloprogo provides :
-Four open stages
-‘kedai apresiasi’ as café -‘small wall’ for small exhibition
-Two guest house
-Dormitory for artists in residence
-One permanent gallery of sony santosa’s paintings
-A heavenly park ‘batu dua’

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ; Maya Abdi Manuputty – 081391785656 Putri Fitria – 085747052226 Ervin Ruhlelana – 085860421234

– our annual event, art camp I, II , and III, have been running since 2007. this event are held every May, to appreciate Waisak celebration. And another annual events are poetry camp, ‘laluna a la Eloprogo’ (fullmoon celebration), ‘kuda lumping kontemporer’ festival, and Movie camp.
– we held art exhibition for almost every kind of art – paintings, installations, photographs, sculptures, etc.
– We held ‘pesta melukis’ (painting’s party), a painting course by an artist from Eloprogo, and some fun games. All for the kids, especially for them who live near eloprogo art house.

-actualize art and culture workshop
-reach the social dedication
-environmental research and development
-publishing an art and culture magazine (in process)



Amazon Specials!

-Andrie Topo (Magelang, Art Performer)
-Aning Purwaranti (Semarang, Art Performer)
-Budi Suro (Sidoarjo, Poet)
-Dhani (Magelang, actor and director performance)
-Din Kandhihawa (Tegal, Art Performer)
-Ervin Ruhlelana (Indonesia, Writer)
-Ida (Muntilan, Musician)
-Mario Rouv (Muntilan, Art Designer)
-Miko Bima (Kotagede, Poet)
-Nundang Rundagi (Indonesia, Poet)
-Putri Fitria (Medan, Photographer)
-Sony Santosa (Indonesia, Painter)
-Tito Yoyo (Indonesia, Painter)
-Yasmi Setiawati (Surabaya, Videographer)
-Yayan Rozaq Triyansah (Semarang, Poet)


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