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Primeval’s Brooke Langton

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 17, 2009


Brooke Langton

Langton was born in Arizona to geologist Jackson Langton and a surgical nurse mother. Her maternal grandfather Stephen Cummings was a World War II pilot and her aunt Sally Spalding is a script supervisor. Langton was raised in Illinois and Texas.

Over the years, Langton has dated a number of well-known celebrities including actors George Clooney and David Chokachi; golfer Tiger Woods; and several non-celebrities. She is now married to internet executive Carl Hagmier. She is an avid snowboarder and has 2 dogs, Riley and Baloo.

Langton came to fame on the television series Melrose Place, playing Samantha Reilly Campbell. After Melrose Place she starred in The Net, a television drama based on the 1995 film of the same name. Langton starred as Angela Bennett, the character played by Sandra Bullock in the film. It was produced in Vancouver, Canada and originally aired on the USA Network.

She also appeared alongside Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman in the 2000 film The Replacements, and had a brief role in the 1996 indie film Swingers. In addition to these films, she has starred in a number of smaller films like Partner(s) with Jay Harrington and Julie Bowen, Playing Mona Lisa with Alicia Witt, and Kiss the Bride with Alyssa Milano. Her most recent film role was in the film Primeval, which was released in January 2007, as well as an appearance in the video for the song “(You Want to) Make a Memory” by Bon Jovi. Her role as the wife of Kyle Chandler’s character in the film The Kingdom, released on September 28, 2007, wound up on the cutting-room floor.

Langton had a recurring role on Friday Night Lights. The actress also co-stars as Charlie Crews’ lawyer, Constance Griffiths, on NBC’s new show, Life, which premiered September 2007. The show has since been cancelled

  • 1992 : Baywatch: River of No Return (TV) : Tanya
  • 1994 : Terminal Velocity : Jump Junkie #2
  • 1994 : Moment of Truth: A Mother’s Deception (TV) : Kim McGill
  • 1995 : Beach House : Caitlin
  • 1995 : Moment of Truth: Eye of the Stalker (TV) : Elizabeth « Beth » Knowlton
  • 1995 : Extreme (TV) : Sarah Bowen
  • 1996 : Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father (TV) : Rebecca Donelly
  • 1996 : Swingers : Nikki
  • 1996 : Listen : Sarah Ross
  • 1997 : The Small Hours
  • 1997 : Mixed Signals : Judy
  • 1998 : Reach the Rock : Lise
  • 1998-1999 : The Net (TV) : Angela Bennett
  • 2000 : Playing Mona Lisa : Sabrina
  • 2000 : The Replacements : Annabelle Farrell
  • 2002 : Kiss the Bride : Nicoletta ‘Niki’ Sposato
  • 2003 : The Break (TV)
  • 2005 : Patners : Lucy
  • 2006 : The Benchwarmers : Kathy Dobson
  • 2007 : Life : Constance Griffiths (série TV)
  • 2007 : Primeval_(film)
  • Source (Wikipedia)
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