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Sela Ward gets a taste of the thriller in ‘The Stepfather’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 12, 2009

Sela Ward

Sela Ward

By Ian Spelling – New York Times Syndicate.

“The Stepfather” is a remake of the 1987 thriller of the same name, a cult hit that starred Terry O’Quinn. Ward plays Susan, a woman whose perfect new boyfriend, David (Dylan Walsh), turns out to be a sociopath. Susan misses all the warning signs, but her son (Penn Badgley), recently returned home from military school, immediately suspects that something’s up with his potential stepdad. Amber Heard plays the son’s girlfriend.

“One of the producers told me that they were looking at a list of the all-time-scariest movies,” Ward said. “Where that list came from and who rated the films, I don’t remember, but ‘The Stepfather’ was consistently on the list, and that’s why they remade it.

“I was offered the movie ,and I met the director, Nelson (McCormick), and he promised me that I’d be in good hands, that it wouldn’t be a really cheesy B-movie. So I trusted him and off I went. When you make one of these movies, it’s hard to tell how it’ll turn out, because it’s really all about the execution and the editing. So you do have to trust your director.

“And the shoot went fine. It was a blast. Dylan is really a fun guy, funny and great to work with. Everyone was good. Nelson picked actors who could put across the characters without a lot of micromanaging the performances. It was not getting blood out of a turnip.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard

“Probably the hardest thing for me was having to stand there and scream my head off at an imaginary power saw. Amber Heard is in some of those screaming scenes with me, and she’s just a great screamer. So often I’d stand there and let her scream away, and I’d just watch her in amazement. I would say that the screaming part of these kinds of movies is not my thing.

“I actually did this because I thought it’d be fun, because I’ve never been in a thriller like this. I thought it’d be a challenge, and I like to be challenged. If I’m a little bit afraid of something, it’s even more reason I need to do it.”

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