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24 director heads behind the wheel of DreamWorks’ Motorcade

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 7, 2009

Jon Cassar

Jon Cassar

by Patrick Sauriol – CoronaComingAttractions.com

Jon Cassar, the co-executive producer and frequent director of Fox’s 24, is sliding into the director’s chair for Motorcade, the long gestating action-thriller that’s been in development at DreamWorks. Ryan Reynolds is now attached to play the lead role, a disgraced Secret Service agent that gets embroiled in a kidnapping attempt of the President of the United States.

DreamWorks is hoping to have Motorcade shooting by this time or earlier next year. The script is by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell, with Billy Ray (State of Play) performing rewrites at the present time.

Cassar’s directed 59 episodes of 24 so he’s got plenty of experience ordering around a jiggling camera. This would be his first feature film.

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