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Enter ‘Hell House’ if you Dare!

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 6, 2009

From featheredItalianFilms.com

Citizens of the small town of Devilin hide a deadly secret. A secret locked deep with-in HELL HOUSE! Enter if you dare. Survive if they let you!

Within the city limits of Devilin lies a home the towns folk call Hell House. A house that was once the home of a family accused of mass murder. A family known a the Reapers! Now Hell House has been renovated and re-opened as a new haunted attraction despite the towns obejctions. A group of young fear seekers enter the attraction and are soon to be in for the fright of their lives! Is the horror around them real? Have the Reaper’s come back to re-claim their home or is this a part of the show? One thing is for sure, you will think twice before you enter your next haunted house!

HELL HOUSE! stars such hardcore wrestling legend Al Snow, Stacey Dixon (Old Habits Die Hard), female wrestling superstars Roni Jonah and Cyndi “Bobcat” Snow, Jim O’Rear (The Deepining), Daniel Emrey Taylor (Return of The Swamp Thing) and five time MMA cage fighting champion Dale Miller, Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising), TJ Moreschi (Bottle Rockets), Nathan Day (Stash) and Leslie Rogers (Monstrosity) Plus many many more!

Stacey Dixon

Stacey Dixon


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