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New Robin Hood movie to be set in futuristic London

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on October 3, 2009

Robin Hood FestivalBy David Bentley – CoventryTelegraph.net

THE 25th Robin Hood Festival in Nottingham has just come to a close after a week of celebrations in Sherwood Forest, proving the enduring power of the legendary outlaw.

And the hero will definitely live on, with the latest project taking him into a setting that is more Robin in da hood, or maybe even Robin hoodie.

While Robin may have fired his final arrow in the BBC TV series, we have an upcoming historical movie from Universal with Ridley Scott directing and Russell Crowe wielding the bow and arrow – and now a futuristic makeover from Warner Bros and the producers of The Dark Knight and 300.

Danish commercials director and photojournalist Nicolai Fuglsig, who pitched the latest project, has signed on to direct, says The Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Biz Blog.

Jason Hall, who penned the upcoming Ashton Kutcher dramedy Spread, will write the screenplay.

Forget Sherwood Forest and merry men with bows and arrows, this new Robin Hood tale will be set in a dystopian London and centre on a band of thieves who restore hope to the city’s population.

It’s described as “a futuristic action adventure” that will be “both inspired by and pay homage to the legend of Robin Hood.”

Producer Charles Roven said it was Fuglsig’s conception of the project that drove it forward.

Roven, who worked on Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight, said: “His stunning visual presentation blew me away. He has a very clear vision for the film, one that will reinvent and modernise a classic story.”

Roven and Richard Suckle are producing via their Atlas Entertainment banner, with Gianni Nunnari co-producing via his Hollywood Gang company. Nunnari produced Zack Snyder’s Spartan war epic 300 and will produce its planned sequel as well as mythological epic War of Gods, which has Henry Cavill set to star as Theseus.

Warners has been involved with several earlier versions of the story, including the 1938 film with Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, which was nominated for a best picture Oscar, and the 1991 blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner.



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