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Hollywood makes the decision to get real

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 30, 2009

Mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano

Mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano

ROBERT MENDOZA – Metro International

While Steven Soderbergh’s most recent effort is based on a true story, for his next feature he’s going back to using real people instead of actors

Mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano is about to exit the octagon and enter the big screen, debuting in Steven Soderbergh’s spy thriller, “Knockout.” The director of “The Informant!” and the “Ocean’s” franchise is building a reputation for translating the skills of nontraditional performers to film, including his last feature, “The Girlfriend Experience,” which follows professional porn star Sasha Grey as an escort girl dealing with involved relationship issues.

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

When we spoke with the director this spring, he said putting a real person into the mix can bring an authenticity to the dialogue that an actor might not.

“You read the transcript of our conversation, they’re awful,” he said, referring to his non-actors.

“They’re grammatically disastrous. What I like about these scenes is that they have this asymmetrical pattern.”

Soderbergh has dubbed his genre “fictionalized documentary,” but other directors are looking beyond the obvious financial positive of avoiding a $15 million payout to a marquee name.

Drew Barrymore cast many real-life roller derby girls and a musician, Landon Pigg, as a lead in her new film, “Whip It,” out Friday.

“I wanted to find a real musician, not an actor playing a musician,” she said while promoting the movie. “I always smell that fake chord playing, lip synching s—.”



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  1. LOL said

    Gina will be a hit in hollywood….

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