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Japanese superhero spoof BIG MAN JAPAN

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 25, 2009


Big Man Japan Movie Posterby Adam Wing – 24FramesperSecond.com

Director: Matsumoto Hitoshi…..Don’t you just love Japanese cinema, if you like your movies left of centre then look no further, Big Man Japan isn’t even on the same page.

Popular manzai comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi directs and stars in this bizarre mockumentary about regular guy Dai Saito, he may look like your average Joe but he’s actually a superhero.

When electrocuted, Dai Saito transforms into the gigantic, purple boxer-wearing Dai Nipponjin (Big Man Japan), doing battle against super-sized monsters like Jumpy Baddie, Baby Baddie, and of course Smelly Baddie. There’s a link there somewhere.

Saving Japan over and over again is all well and good, but Dai Saito doesn’t get much in return. His ex-wife and daughter can only bare to see him twice a year, he lives out a boring life with a stray cat in a rundown house, just waiting for the Department of Defence to call him into superhero action (the pay isn’t too hot either). All his battles are broadcast on television, but the public couldn’t care less about his exploits and his neighbours hate him. His heroics fill the late night slot on TV but the glory days of being a superhero are long gone, in fact, even the monsters stay away these days.

So it’s a cross between The Office, Hancock and Godzilla then, and even though I use the word quirky way too often, Big Man Japan could never be described as anything else. It’s also deliriously entertaining if you’re in the right frame of mind.



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