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Scottish Zombie film ‘The Dead Outside’ scoops horror honors

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 24, 2009

The Dead Outside

Kris Bird and Kerry-Anne Mullaney

Kris Bird and Kerry-Anne Mullaney

from the BBC

A film shot on location in the south of Scotland has taken two awards at a movie festival in Spain.

The Dead Outside won best film and Kerry-Anne Mullaney took best director at the 10th Estepona International Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.

It was filmed in Auldgirth near Dumfries and beat off competition from some bigger budget rivals.

Ms Mullaney currently has two more feature films in the pipeline which she also hopes to shoot in the region.

She said she was delighted to have received the recognition for her work.

“I was so thrilled to receive best director. I never expected to receive best film too,” she said.

“People came up afterwards and told me how much they loved the film and its foreboding atmosphere.”

Ms Mullaney runs film company Mothcatcher along with producer Kris Bird.

They recently moved to the village of New Abbey in Dumfries and Galloway, from a base in Edinburgh.

Mr Bird said the festival awards were a “major achievement” which would hopefully help to secure the support necessary to start filming another feature film later this year.

Here is the synopsis of “The Dead Outside”:

In the stark aftermath of a neurological pandemic, two strangers come together on an isolated Scottish farm. April, a young survivor with a dark past has survived alone for months.

Daniel, a man desperate and bereaved clings on to the hope of life in the outside world, but the maddened cries outside are increasing- the farm is not the safe haven it once was. As Daniel clings to his own sanity, he finds that the true enemy lies much closer to home.

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