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David Cronenberg is Remaking David Cronenberg’s The Fly

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 24, 2009

David Cronenberg's The Fly

by Alex Billington – FirstShowing.net

Yep, you read that right. David Cronenberg is developing a reboot of his own 1986 sci-fi classic The Fly. Cronenberg’s film is already a remake of Kurt Neumann’s 1958 film of the same name as well. The story centers on an eccentric scientist named Seth Brundle (played by Jeff Goldblum) who, after an experiment with teleportation goes awry, is transformed into a fly. Geena Davis starred as Goldblum’s love interest, Veronica. Oddly, Cronenberg has said in the past that he did not want to be involved a remake, but now he’s just doing it on his own. I can’t wait for someone to talk with him to find out exactly why he’s coming back.

This is only in the early development stages (via Risky Biz), so we’re not sure when Cronenberg will get to this. A return to The Fly would also mark the latest in a mini-trend of directors remaking their own work. Michael Haneke last year remade his thriller Funny Games while Werner Herzog re-imagined his doc Little Dieter Learns to Fly with the 2006 feature Rescue Dawn. Cronenberg was attached to direct the Robert Ludlum adaptation The Matarese Circle but apparently ditched that to take on Cosmopolis instead.



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