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Full Scale Bumblebee from Transformers Up For Auction

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 23, 2009

Full-scale screen used Hero Bumblebee robot from Transformers

Full-scale screen used Hero Bumblebee robot from Transformers

From Seibertron.com

You could own the one and the only, Camaro Concept Bumblebee. No, we’re not talking about some one of a kind Legends figure, Deluxe repaint, or Human Alliance redeco. We’re talking about the real deal, the Bumblebee cast that was made for the movies. This full-scale replica of Bumblebee is probably the most impressive on-set item to be sold. As the auction describes;

Full-scale screen-used Hero Bumblebee robot from Transformers. (Paramount, 2007) Standing exactly 16 feet 10 7/8 inches tall and weighing 3200 pounds, this screen-used hero Bumblebee robot is an incredible feat of engineering craftsmanship. Built by renowned special effects company FXperts, Inc. (a.ka. John Frazier Special Effects), Bumblebee was the result of a direct request by Director Michael Bay for a full-size Transformer. He was used prominently in all the critical scenes in the film: when Sam and Mikaela are first introduced to all the Autobots; when Bumblebee is captured by Sector 7 with a helicopter; in the interior of the Hoover Dam; and on the back of a tow truck during the final battle sequences. As a major character in the film, Bumblebee has become one of the most popular and beloved Transformers. Since the opening of the movie, this Bumblebee robot has been on a worldwide tour, to such locations as Japan, Korea, London, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Bolton, Mississippi. He was also featured at the Los Angeles premieres, Universal Studios, Cannes Festival, and Indy 500, where he drew as big of a crowd at the Indy cars. With possible arms, Bumblee stands a full 16’ 10 7/8” tall and 13’ 5 13/16” wide when fully assembled. He is currently de-assembled and housed in three large wooden crates.

Click here for the Auction Website



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