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Star Trek sequel aims to connect to real-world issues

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 17, 2009

Star Trek Crew, Old and New

Star Trek Crew, Old and New

By David Bentley – CoventryTelegraph.net

Where does the newly-relaunched Star Trek go next after taking the franchise from the black hole of oblivion into a shiny new universe?

That’s the question everyone’s been asking, including director J.J. Abrams and screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

The pressure’s on the team to deliver an equally stellar sequel and Abrams (pictured above) has explained what they have in mind. Think deep space with deep meaning…

He told the Los Angeles Times: “The ambition for a sequel to Star Trek is to make a movie that’s worthy of the audience and not just another movie, you know, just a second movie that feels tacked on.

“The first movie was so concerned with just setting up the characters – their meeting each and galvanising that family -that in many ways a sequel will have a very different mission. it needs to do what [the late Trek creator Gene] Roddenberry did so well, which is allegory. It needs to tell a story that has connection to what is familiar and what is relevant.

“It also needs to tell it in a spectacular way that hides the machinery and in a primarily entertaining and hopefully moving story. There needs to be relevance, yes, and that doesn’t mean it should be pretentious. If there are simple truths – truths connected to what we live – that elevates any story – that’s true with any story.”

Orci added: “We’ve literally had two meetings now. We haven’t decided anything but we’re starting to circle around some ideas.

“We got a lot of fan response from the first one and a considerable amount of critical response and one of the things we heard was, ‘Make sure the next one deals with modern-day issues.’ We’re trying to keep it as up-to-date and as reflective of what’s going on today as possible. So that’s one thing, to make it reflect the things that we are all dealing with today.”



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