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‘Sorority Row’ cast made most of horror shoot

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 9, 2009

The stars of Sorority Row

The stars of Sorority Row

DAN BENNETT – North County Times

Making a horror film had an unexpected impact on Rumer Willis.

Willis, who costars in the new horror flick “Sorority Row,” was given plenty of dialogue, along with an abundance of screams, the time-honored method of communication in horror films.

“After screaming every night for three weeks, I sounded like Kathleen Turner,” Willis said. “I didn’t mind that at all.”

Willis and a few of her co-stars gathered at Comic-Con International in San Diego recently to talk about the film. “Sorority Row” is the story of several college juniors, sorority sisters, who let a prank involving a fellow sister go horribly wrong, leading to her murder. The women attempt to cover up the murder and a year passes before mysterious videos of the incident begin appearing on their cell phones, and it becomes apparent there is a killer still on the loose.

“Shooting a horror film is different than other types of films, because it’s so physically demanding and the scenes are so tense, but once you start laughing it’s difficult to stop,” said Willis, the daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. “That laughter is a release from the tension, and it really helps you work.”

Co-star Leah Pipes, known for her work in the TV series “Life is Wild,” among other roles, said the screenplay had an immediate effect on her.

“It was like reading ‘The Exorcist’ —- so scary it turns your head,” Pipes said. “For me it had the same feel as thrillers like ‘Rear Window’ or other Hitchcock films. It had that kind of slow tension.”

Audrina Partridge, a co-star on the TV series “The Hills,” plays another sorority sister in the film, and says the story also says something about sorority life.

“It gets into some of the mentality of sorority life and how we all need to be careful with the choices we make,” she said.

All the requisite screams and drama intact, “Sorority Row” also brings a sense of humor to the table, the women say.

“From night one, shooting this film was a blast, and that’s partly because of the people involved and partly because of some of the dark humor in the film,” said Briana Evigan, another co-star. “The best horror movies are always at least a little funny. We tried to find that with this film.”

Lee Grimes is the special effects makeup artist on ‘Sorority Row’ , Read his Exclusive Interview with GoreMaster.com HERE



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