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Avatar Editing Done, Cameron Devotes Himself to Polishing Visual Effects

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 2, 2009

From ReelzChannel.com

In an extended interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, director James Cameron revealed that he has pretty much completed editing on Avatar and the studio is pretty happy with the result. So, now he is on to fine-tuning the visual effects 24/7.

“In the most important respects as a director, I’m 100 percent done because the film is shot and edited…. My job for the next few months until we deliver at the end of November is more as a visual effects person, working to make sure that the shots look real, that they’re all up to an even standard.”

Here, he seems to be for the first time directly addressing concerns that some of the special effects in the trailer were still a little too cartoonish. He indicates that at least some of the footage is going to get a significant upgrade.avatar movie poster

“It’s just a question of getting in some of the remaining scenes from what we call template level where it looks like a video game up to the level of photo-realism…. The process is quite labor intensive. I’m working 14, 16 hours a day but all the major creative decisions have been made.”

Although part of the problem with the trailer was undoubtedly a level of hype about the special effects that no mere movie could ever satisfy, Cameron is still promising a game-changing experience that will go well beyond what we saw with Gollum in Lord of the Rings. It’s definitely going to be a busy three months.

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