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Persian puppetry to go on world heritage list

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on September 1, 2009

Persian puppet showIranian cultural heritage officials have prepared the required dossier to register Persian puppet show on UNESCO’s world heritage list.

 Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organizations has handed in the dossier and the issue is set to be discussed at UNESCO headquarters in September 2009,” renowned Iranian theater director Behrouz Gharibpour told ISNA.

Persian puppet show is a traditional theater presentation performed in a small chamber with a musical performer and a person called morshed who engages in dialogue with the puppets.

Theater has been practiced in Iran since ancient times to glorify legendary and national heroes and narrate the Persian history. The art has continued to date and now innovatively incorporates modern and traditional elements.

Behrouz Gharibpour is one of the pioneers of traditional Persian puppet theatre who is known for his extensive research on Qajar puppetry.

He has staged his puppet plays in numerous domestic and foreign festivals, including the 11th World Festival of Puppet Art in Prague and the 2008 International Incanti Figure Theatre Festival in Italy.

Macbeth, Ashura and Rostam and Sohrab are among Gharibpour’s best-known works



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