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Savini and Pertwee Fight Nazi Zombies in The 4th Reich

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 30, 2009

Tom Savini

Tom Savini

From BeyondHollywood.com

Oh, those silly Nazis and their wacky experiments , whatever new horrors of theirs will filmmakers unearth in the future? Until then, though, we’re about to be up to our eyeballs in Nazi zombies once again, this time from the UK and director Shaun Robert Smith. Based on a short film by Smith called “The Soldier”, the feature-length version will be called “The 4th Reich”, and boasts the horror power of Tom Savini (From Dusk Till Dawn,Dawn of the Dead,Grindhouse) and the always great Sean Pertwee (”Dog Soldiers”, “Mutant Chronicles”).

Plot synopsis for the “The 4th Reich”: June 1944, after the glorious victory on D-day, the armies of the combined allied forces begin their long push to Berlin with the aim of bringing down Hitler and the despised Nazi regime of the Third Reich.

But buried deep in secret files German Reichstag, is the chilling reality of Hitler’s plan to create an eternal living hell, The 4th Reich.The 4th Reich

Dr. Joseph Mengele, Hitler’s chief scientist, was charged with creating a new super army of invincible soldiers. A force that would never be beaten. His experiments and research at the death camps of Auschwitz, Belsen and Birkenau would create unspeakable evil.

A small brigade of soldiers from 3rd Infantry Division, under the command of the battle hardened Captain Bathurst embark on an ever darkening quest to liberate Europe. Fighting their way through the French countryside, villages and war ravaged towns. Each step discovering progressively strange battles and events until they reach an abandoned research facility where the true horror begins…

“The 4th Reich” will be brought to you by Shaun Robert Smith behind the camera, DP Peter Hannan, Production Designer Mark Tanner, and SFX guys Alex Gunn, Kristyan Mallett, and John Schoonraad. The film, to be shot in 3D, starts production early 2010.



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