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Inbred Cannibals vs Prison Escapee’s in ‘Wrong Turn 3 Left for Dead’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 28, 2009

Wrong Turn 3 Left for Dead

Fox Home Entertainment is promoting their upcoming direct to DVD release of ‘Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead’. You can check out the full feature when it arrives on DVD on October 20th.

Here’s the story: Three Finger and his disturbed family of inbred cannibals are alive and well-fed. The first course for the bloodthirsty family comes when a group of campers arrive, realizing only too late that ticks aren’t the only things that bite in these backwoods. But when some of the most vicious killers in the country escape into the woods from a bus transporting them to prison, Three Finger and his family may have met their match. Will justice be served on the convicted murderers or upon the mutant killers?”

Directed by
  Declan O’Brien

  Alan B. McElroy, Turi Meyer, Al Septien

  Tom Frederic … Nate
  Janet Montgomery … Alex
  Tamer Hassan … Chavez
  Gil Kolirin … Floyd Weathers
  Tom McKay … Brandon
  Christian Contreras … Willy
  Jake Curran … Crawford
  Chucky Venice … Walter

Make Up Department
  Yana Stoyanova … makeup and special effects makeup department head

Read Yana Stoyanova’s exclusive Interview with GoreMaster.com HERE

 Anna Andreeva … key makeup artist

 Special Effects DepartmentLast House on the Left (2009)
  Jovko Dogandjiski … special effects assistant
  Nikolay Furtunkov … special effects technician

Visual Effects Department
  Grits Carter … system engineer
  Charles Collyer … digital compositor: Mechnology
  Luke Guidici … visual effects editor
  Erica Jean … visual effects editor



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