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‘Bioshock’ Enlists ’28 Weeks Later’ Director

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 24, 2009


by Elisabeth Rappe – Cinematical.com

Earlier this summer, the brakes were put on Universal’s adaptation of Bioshock due to its enormous budget, and a need for tax incentives were said to be pushing the film overseas. The budgetary crisis put Gore Verbinski into

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

a bit of a pickle, and he was unsure he would continue with the film if it moved to London. Now it looks like Verbinski is officially off the project, and Universal has hired Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) to go under the sea instead.

Variety reports that Fresnadillo is still in talks, and that it all becomes official if Bioshock’s maker, Take-Two Interactive, agrees to the decision as they must approve the choice of director. But the decision indicates they are shaving that budget, and they are determined to make the film overseas. Universal is also determined that this won’t turn into another Halo incident.

It has to be a huge disappointment for Verbinski, who dropped Pirates 4 to tackle Bioshock, and really seemed to love the project. A lot of hopes are being pinned on Bioshock, and let’s hope a few of them are fulfilled.



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