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The Only Mission is Survival in Syfy’s premiere of SGU: Stargate Universe

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 23, 2009

SGU Stargate Universe

By Michael Simpson – CinemaSpy.com

With only a few weeks to go before Syfy’s premiere of SGU: Stargate Universe, the channel has released new artwork to promote the series.

Alaina Huffman

Alaina Huffman

The poster doesn’t give much away. It features three figures running and comes with the tag line ‘The Only Mission is Survival’. Color is used sparingly, which is in keeping with the glimpses of the show that have come in the teaser trailers. Also the poses of the three characters suggest an action-packed series, which is what Syfy has promised.

The fact that the female character on the poster is wearing a low-cut shirt is perhaps an inevitable attempt to create sex appeal. It may, however, also provide ammunition for critics of SGU, some of whom have already written off the show. Stargate Universe has been controversial since it was suggested that it would be aimed at a younger audience than Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Since then there have been accusations that Atlantis was canceled to make way for SGU, that “non-white” characters in the show will marginalized and that a recent casting call that went out for an episode in the series was disrespectful to disabled people.

SGU: Stargate Universe has its two-hour premiere on Syfy on October 2 at 9 pm. From what we have seen, we think viewers should give it a chance.

In other Stargate-related news, it appears that ‘Stargate Worlds’, the massive multiplayer online role playing game based on the franchise, will survive the funding shortfall that had reportedly afflicted it developers. According to MMORPG.com, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment  has received financial commitments that will allow it to complete its work on ‘Stargate Worlds’

Julia Benson as Lt. Vanessa James

Julia Benson as Lt. Vanessa James

Julia Anderson

This photo is of Julia Benson NOT Julia Anderson


12 Responses to “The Only Mission is Survival in Syfy’s premiere of SGU: Stargate Universe”

  1. Boycot said

    SGU will not survive, it will be cancled after 1 season because us fans hate it. This is what ended Atlantis and will kill the franchise. All boycot SGU!

  2. willpower said

    i like it more than atlantis. 😉

  3. Jason said

    After the premier and second episode I can safely say I don’t care much for it. Its like a cross between BSG and Atlantis. I think I would like it if it were just a mini series and wrap it up quickly. I would rather have Atlantis back.

  4. More said

    I like it, reminds me of all my favorite syfy shows: Galactica, Stargate, Firefly, Trek. The only way to keep it going is to watch. By the way – the Julia you have pictured has green eyes and is from Texas, the one in the show is Canadian with brown eyes. Both have the same name.

  5. David said

    I like it. But which Julia is on the show? neither are on the “cast” list on the official site, and there are contradicting reviews floating about.

    • goremasterfx said

      it’s odd..IMDB says Julia Anderson stars Vanessa James..but publicity info says it’s Julia Benson..confusing

  6. LupusSolus said

    It’s Julia Benson and I’ll keep watching just for her!

  7. willpower said

    julia benson = julia anderson


    “Julia Benson (born Julia Anderson, c. 1979) is a Canadian actress.”


  8. dave said

    you guys gotta be kidding… story backdrop, acting is on level of alien (1), blade-runner or stargate (the movie), as in realistic / gritty, strong actors (no clowns..).

    i’m sure there might be 1 or 2 other shows where there are “no” clowns comming out of the woodwork in these sci-fi’s, but SGU IS ONE OF THEM.

    in case you aren’t famiiliar with the industry, in realistic (besides the facts of the show), means the actors make you believe you are there.. did i mention the acting was great? guesse I just did.. out.

  9. iang@yvr.ca said

    Julia Benson [Anderspn] needs her own show – she is the only thing keeping this show going….

  10. The_Old said

    Oh the small minds in the world, This is very scary!
    SGU is A great show I agree it need some refinement but what dont? I think this is the best SG made so far! But please dont turn it to A who loves who give me the stones show!

    Yes Julia Benson is smoken hot but thats not why I watch it.

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