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George Hamilton brings us “Batrimony: Love At Second Bite”

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 20, 2009

Love at First Bite

George Hamilton is set to vamp it up again for laughs as the producer of a new comedy horror sequel of his hit film Love At First Bite.

It has been 30 years since the movie star played Count Vladimir Dracula in the cult 1979 movie and now he’s back for more blood with a camp sequel Twilightcalled “Batrimony: Love At Second Bite”.

He tells WENN, “It’s terrific. It’s all about old world school of Dracula in the Bela Lugosi 1940s up against the Twilight felons with humor. It’s hard to do but it’s great fun.”

And Hamilton thinks the time is perfect for another vampire movie spoof: “I think ‘Twilight’ is a wonderful series of books. It’s so important for these young girls with hormonal changes and this love that’s worth giving your life for. But now I have a find a way to bring my ‘Love At First Bite’ character into that kind of story and make it funny and not be at all like ‘Twilight’ and I think I found a way to do that.”

And ‘Batrimony’ isn’t the only film project Hamilton is working on – he’s also producing a movie about movie legend Errol Flynn’s son Sean, who was captured by the Khmer Rouge during the Vietnam War.

He adds, “It’s a wonderful story.”

 Here is the plot outline per IMDB.com: Dracula’s son is about to marry a mortal woman and tries to keep his family’s heritage a secret from his future in-laws. A follow-up to the 1979 vampire comedy “Love at First Bite”.

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