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Brad Pitt is a Villain in “Sherlock Holmes”

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 17, 2009

sherlock holmesAccording to the Daily Mirror, director Guy Ritchie has asked Brad Pitt to join his “Sherlock Holmes” movie as the title character’s evil nemesis, Professor James Moriarty.

Brad PittPitt has previously worked with Ritchie on “Snatch” and has agreed to film some additional scenes in order to have the new villain in the movie. Apparently, the request to add Moriarty came directly from the studio.

“It was an oversight in the film not to make a bigger deal about Moriarty. He is mentioned as Holmes’ arch enemy, but the bosses wanted Guy to make more of him,” a source told the newspaper. “Jude Law (who plays Dr Watson) and Robert Downey Jr (Holmes) have already shot their scenes. But now that 10 extra days have been added to shoot the new ones, they may be called back for a day or two.” – Source(s): Daily Mirror, WorstPreviews




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