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New Wonder Woman Script Like Raiders of The Lost Ark

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 15, 2009

Linda Carter as Wonder Woman

Linda Carter as Wonder Woman

From ReelzChannel.com

With Warner Bros. looking to jump-start production on their DC Comics–related comic book movies, Wonder Woman may finally get her invisible jet off the ground and into theaters soon. No, the script’s not the Joss Whedon one, which was inexplicably tossed in the trash by Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver, but a brand new script from newcomers Brent Strickland and Matthew Jennison.

The two screenwriters wrote a spec script involving Wonder Woman in World War II that got Silver’s attention. Silver then asked for the script to be updated for modern times. In doing so, not unlike Whedon before them, Strickland says they had to take some liberties.

“We certainly took liberties on our spec Wonder Woman, but we also used a ton of stuff from the comic. My feeling is that ultimately something iconic like Wonder Woman needs to be a hybrid of the source material and the writer’s original inspiration. We feel an obligation to the fan base not only to treat the property with respect, but also to make it fresh — to reinvent the story without reinventing the wheel, so to speak”.

So what can fans look forward to in this new script?

Brent Strickland says “There should be breathtaking action sequences alongside character beats that allow the audience to relate to this Amazon princess, and moments where they get to laugh but not because it’s campy. People have described the spec as Wonder Woman meets Raiders of the Lost Ark. I think that’s a pretty good tone”.

Now it’s up to Silver and Warner Bros. to actually make the movie and not dump the script.



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