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Universal casting for ‘Rocky Horror’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 12, 2009

The Rocky Horror Picture Show original cast

The Rocky Horror Picture Show original cast


Like so many people with an affection for the macabre and the fabulous, for operatic love songs and spooky castles, we’re fond of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” that cheeky standard-bearer of midnight-movie madness. But we might even be just a little bit fonder — a wee bit — a smidgen — of the fans of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” the people who dress up, prop up, and turn up, Friday night after Friday night, to reenact their favorite scenes.

And those very people may be called up to sing and shake it in front of even larger crowds. The deal: Universal is still casting its month-long-ish Halloween Horror Nights; we recently talked about the park’s auditions for “streetmosphere,” those scary souls who perform, menacingly, gloweringly, around Universal during October.

Now the theme park is searching for players in its “Rocky Horror” tribute. Note that they are looking for “legit” singers and dancers with “strong acting skills.” But if that’s you, and you’ve got the chops, and you’ve got the moves, and you’ve always dreamed of playing Janet, or Brad, or any of the other leads, this could be that moment. Well, that moment is actually August 23rd and 24th; details here.

Dr. Furter’s pearls and garters, though. Who wouldn’t want to don those every night for the better part of a month?

Chucky — yep, from “Chucky” the wicked little doll movie — puppeteers will also audition on August 24th. Now there’s a mash-up we’d like to see. Who’d win, Chucky or Frank N. Furter? Maybe no one needs to win. Maybe everyone can just time warp the nights away.

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