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Heroes picks up a Ghostbuster

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 12, 2009

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

Mike Moody – TVSquad.com

Former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson has “seen sh*t that’ll turn you white!” I guess that makes him the perfect guy to chase down fugitives in the strange, super-powered world of NBC’s Heroes.
The veteran genre actor will join the cast of Heroes next season as Captain Lubbock, a Baltimore cop hunting down another character on the show.
It’s good to see Hudson returning to TV. He’s a great actor who has turned in some memorable TV performances in the past (HBO’s Oz, Desperate Housewives), but he always seems to get stuck working in the B-movie ghetto.
Is it safe to assume Hudson will be sharing screen time with Greg Grunberg and Battlestar Galactica’s Rick Worthy, since they’ll all be playing cops on Heroes’ fourth season?
 The show has added a number of new actors for major roles next season. The two most intriguing new casting choices have to be Ray Park and Robert Knepper as members of the traveling carnival of superhumans that’s supposed to cause trouble for Peter Petrelli and friends.
Heroes’ fourth season premieres September 21 on NBC.

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