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‘Alien Trespass’ takes its inspiration from 50s scifi films

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 12, 2009

Jenni Baird as Tammy in ALIEN TRESPASS

Jenni Baird as Tammy in ALIEN TRESPASS

Rick Bentley – McClatchy Newspapers

When actress Jenni Baird was cast in “Alien Trespass,” the campy science-fiction film released on DVD Tuesday, she was given homework.

Director R.W. Goodwin told her to go home and watch the original versions of “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” ”War of the Worlds” and “It Came from Outer Space.” He wanted Baird to get familiar with the movies that were the inspiration for his salute to the 1950s creature features.

Goodwin’s film looks likeit was shot in the ’50s, when movie monsters were often made of scraps of material and had exposed zippers. The task of the beautiful woman — fellow scientist, secretary, spouse — was to scream bloody murder.

Baird’s character is different. She plays a waitress who won’t back down to any little green men in flying saucers.

“I was told that my character does not exist in the original form,” said Baird during a break from meeting with WonderCon conventioneers earlier this year. She’s joined fellow actors Eric McCormack and Dan Lauria, plus Goodwin, to drum up interest in the movie at the comic book/movie/television event.

Goodwin, who grew up in Los Angeles, has seen countless old monster movies. He would take a bus to Inglewood, where a theater played double bills of ’50s science-fiction movies.

“It was important that we make an original movie and not do a remake. The GoreMaster Makeup Effects Manualstory idea is an amalgam of a bunch of the real classic ’50s movies. Combine that with going back and looking at the films and realizing how funny they are today, I figured if we stuck to our guns and made an authentic ’50s movie, it could be charming and scary and fun,” Goodwin says.

McCormack’s biggest adjustment was how he delivered dialogue. These days, it’s not unusual for actors to pause, stutter or misspeak. Back in the ’50s, everyone delivered flawless lines of dialogue.

“It is hard to get in that frame of mind that it is not a good take until you have said everything just perfectly and not sound human at all,” McCormack says. “I think there are times in this movie where the alien sounds more human than the actual humans.”

McCormack worked on “Alien Trespass” just after working on the updated version of “The Andromeda Strain.” Before the films he spent eight years starring in the situation comedy “Will&Grace.”

As for his range of roles, McCormack says, “I have artistic A.D.D.”

Effects Crew for Alien Trespass:

Make Up Department
  Jill Bailey … makeup assistant
  Ian C. Ballard … key hair stylist
  Julia Bors … extras makeup artist
  Susan Boyd … hair stylist
  Rachel Griffin … special makeup effects artist
  Michael Nickiforek … creature fabricator
  Michael Nickiforek … creature sculptor
  Connie Parker … key makeup artist
  Jessica Rain … hair stylist

Special Effects Department
  Agnieszka Echallier … creature effects
  Joel Echallier … creature effects
  John W. Fisher … special effects assistant
  Chris Flemington … special effects assistant
  Rachel Griffin … creature creator
  Tony Lazarowich … special effects coordinator
  Robert Yeager … special effects best boy

Visual Effects Department
  Eric Chauvin … visual effects supervisor
  Andrea Chlebak … digital intermediate colorist
  Lars Simkins … digital compositor

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