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Vanessa Hudgens “freaked out” by Beast

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 11, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens

By Lara Martin – DigitalSpy.com

Vanessa Hudgens has admitted that she was “freaked out” by co-star Alex Pettyfer’s appearance in their new movie Beastly.

The High School Musical star appears alongside Pettyfer in the Manhattan-based high school retelling of classic fairytale Beauty And The Beast.

Speaking to MTV News, she said: “It was crazy, I saw the picture [of his ‘Beast’ make-up] for like a millisecond and then I was like, ‘Oh no, I can’t look!’


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“I waited until I got to see him in person and it moved me in a really weird and peculiar way. It’s so mind blowing the prosthetics they’ve done on him. He changes as a complete person. I was freaked out, honestly.”

Beastly tells the story of a transfer student (Mary-Kate Olsen) who curses a handsome boy (Pettyfer) so that his appearance becomes hideously disfigured. Hudgens plays a beautiful girl who is sent to live with his family.

‘Beastly’ Crew:

Make Up Department
  Tony Gardner … special makeup designer
  Corald Giroux … key hair stylist
  Jamie Kelman … beast makeup artist
  Gaétan Landry … hair stylist
  Justin Stafford … wig maker


10 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens “freaked out” by Beast”

  1. Vanessa said


  2. alvaromeza said

    Me canta mucho esta linda

  3. Yumi said

    Hi ! Vanessa i really love you. You’re a pretty girl . I like you song especially identified , Amazed and Say Ok . I wish you have a new song soon.

  4. adamari said

    hi i wish you were my sister someday. and i am your number 1 fan.p.s. i wish i have you as my sister.

  5. Rachel said

    OMG!!!! i lov u vanessa i know all your songs and all your lines in hsm 1,2, and 3!!!

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  7. pamela said

    i love vanessa hudgens

  8. gvanca said


  9. kennia said

    super bonita

  10. selii said

    ewww freaks shes just another actress,, shes not even that good. you better do good in that movie VANESSA because is my favorite disney movie.

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