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Sandler’s Scary Madison Takes Shortcut

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 10, 2009

The Shortcut

Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison, known for its comedies, has produced a thriller titled Shortcut as the inaugural picture of a nascent genre label called Scary Madison.

A shortcut through the woods saved a lot of time getting to school, but no kids growing up in a suburban neighborhood dared to take it. The trail ran within sight of a scary house with an eerie old man who would accost its travelers with an ominous message to stay away.

Town legend said he was involved in the disappearances of some kids long ago. Now that some of those same kids are in their late teens, they decide to find out the truth about the old man after they learn he’s still at his game.

Special Features: Behind-the-scenes featurette and a Trailer

Look for the film on September 29, 2009

Amazon Specials!

Amazon Specials!



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