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Mallika Sherawat to exhibit her butt

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 9, 2009

Mallika Sherawat in Hissss

By: Bollywood Mantra Staff
When it comes to skin shows, Mallika Sherawat always stands in the first row. The latest buzz doing the rounds is that in the much anticipated film, ‘Hisss’, Mallika is baring her butt. Mallika’s look and make-up has already made lots of hullabaloo and the rest publicity has been done by her butt display.

She is essaying the role of a snake woman in the film. Though insiders reveal that it was Mallika who has bared her butt, her brother Vikram Lamba denied the truth. Vikram, the producer of ‘Hisss’ claimed that the scene has been performed by a body double. Lamba said, ‘We have used a body double’.

Has Mallika backed out of the bold scene? Vikram replied, ‘There’s nothing like that. Jennifer Lynch took a call on the matter and decided that we should use a body double’.

So, audiences are eagerly waiting to watch Mallika’s dare bare act

GoreMaster Robert Kurtzman is the creature makeup effects designer and visual effects producer



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