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Chris Hemsworth Scheduled to Play Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, in Upcoming Movie

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 9, 2009

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

Steven Bryan – Associated Content

Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, is scheduled to leave his home in Asgard and make the long trip down the Rainbow Bridge to the multiplex in 2011. According to IMDB, renowned actor Kenneth Branagh will step behind the camera in January 2010 to film a big screen adventure based on the popular Marvel Comics character.
In the early 1960’s, comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack “King” Kirby created a new superhero based on Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. First appearing in “Journey into Mystery #83,” Thor started out as the alter ego of Dr. Donald Blake, a surgeon who takes a fateful vacation to Scandinavia.

Blake, who walks with the help of a cane, discovers a group of alien invaders and, when he tries to flee, he fell into a subterranean cave. Frustrated and angry because of his limp, Blake picks up a wooden staff he finds in the cave and strikes a nearby boulder. The doctor’s angry actions generate a flash of lightning which transforms him into Thor and the wooden staff into a mighty hammer.

Now a living, breathing Norse God, Blake frees himself from the cave and promptly beats the alien invaders into

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

submission. Returning to his human form by tapping his hammer upon the ground, Dr. Donald Blake begins a series of adventures as Thor, which have continued, in one form or another, for nearly 40 years.

For the 2011 movie, actor Chris Hemsworth will be flexing his muscles as the Mighty Thor. Hemsworth recently popped up on the radar for his supporting role in “A Perfect Getaway,” a thriller set against a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop. Hemsworth played a very stoic hitchhiker named Kale, who, along with his girlfriend (Marley Shelton), may or may not have been responsible for a brutal double-murder.

In the comic book adaptation, Hemsworth stars opposite Natalie Portman, who played Senator Padme Amidala in the last “Star Wars” trilogy. For “Thor,” Portman plays Jane Foster, Dr. Donald Blake’s devoted nurse who also is madly in love with him.



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