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Seth Rogen Afraid of Getting ‘Pineapple’ All Over His ‘Green Hornet’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 5, 2009

Seth Rogen unveils Green Hornets 'Black beauty' at ComicCon

Seth Rogen unveils Green Hornets 'Black beauty' at ComicCon

Larry Carroll – MTV News

These days, Seth Rogen and best bud Evan Goldberg are hard at work getting ready to shoot their high-profile flick “The Green Hornet.” But according to the “Funny People” star, the hardest part about adapting “Hornet” for the big-screen hasn’t been concerns over how to pay homage to the source material, or even how to make Rogen into an action star – it’s been making sure they don’t repeat their old material.

“It’s hard not to steal your own jokes,” laughed Rogen when we caught up with him recently, remembering the process of writing “Hornet” with Godlberg, his longtime collaborator who also co-wrote/produced the hit comedies “Pineapple Express” and “Superbad.” “It’s hard; like, you really forget which ideas you’ve used and which ones you haven’t.”

GoreMaster Makeup Effects ManualRecently, the duo were on hand to unveil Green Hornet’s Black Beauty at Comic-Con – and eager to talk about the script they’ll begin shooting soon.

“It’s funny, yesterday me and Evan were writing,” Rogen remembered of one action scene. “And he was like ‘Oh, let’s do a scene where the badguy grabs his henchman, and then the other badguy shoots the henchman!’”

“And I was like ‘We already did that in ‘Pineapple Express.’ Like, we did that exact same joke,” laughed Rogen. “Evan had to think back for a few minutes before he realized that.”

Although, if Rogen and Goldberg aren’t perfect in avoiding every gag they’ve used before, they could always refer to such a scene as an homage and come out looking like geniuses. “Exactly,” laughed Rogen. “It’s just lazy, but we could say we were paying homage to ourselves, something we did two years ago.”

If they ever do finish the script, “Green Hornet” is scheduled to start playing out under the watchful eye of Michel Gondry in the Fall, eyeballing a prime July 9, 2010 blockbuster release date.



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