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Bruce Campbell Goes Samurai In AMBUSH AT BLOOD TRAIL GATE!

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 4, 2009

Ambush At Blood Trail GateTodd Brown – TwitchFilm.net

Okay, so it features just the voice of Bruce as opposed to all of him but Bruce is still Bruce whether in voice or body.  And though I tend to be generally opposed to English language dubbing of foreign films, I think I can make an exception in this case.  Because, frankly, if you can’t enjoy Mr. Campbell hamming it up on the voice track of a cult Japanese samurai splatter film then, well, you’re just not human.  The film is Ambush At Blood Trail Gate, a 1987 underground title by Naohiro Takita recently rediscovered by new startup outfit Shinobi Splat with picture intact but vocal track destroyed.  They gave the visuals a polish up and enlisted a new English voice cast to restore the audio end with Campbell front and center. 

Young rebellious samurai Muramoto (voiced by Bruce Campbell) spends his days drinking sake and womanizing in a small Edo-era village.  However, when he crosses the line with the Clan Leader’s daughter, the consequences are dire.  The action builds to a thrilling climax at the legendary Blood Trail Gate.



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