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‘Cliffhanger 2′ to be Written by ‘Monster Squads’ Fred Dekker?

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on August 3, 2009


FirstShowing attended a screening of the 1987 film “Monster Squad” at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, where after the movie, a Q&A session was held with director Fred Dekker and writer Shane Black. When Dekker was asked what he’s currently working on, he replied by saying: “I’m currently writing Cliffhanger 2.”

Back in May we heard that StudioCanal had teamed up with producer Neal Moritz to reboot Sylvester Stallone’s1993 film. The idea was to turn it into a big-budget thriller that will center on a group of young climbers.

At the time, Moritz was looking for a writer with a plan of having the new “Cliffhanger” in front of the cameras by 2010. Apparently Dekker is the writer to make it happen, but when he said “Cliffhanger 2,” he made it seem like it will be a sequel, rather than a reboot.

Why is that important? In February of 2008, several sources were reporting that Stallone was interested in doing a “Cliffhanger” sequel.

Source(s) FirstShowing.net, WorstPreviews.com



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