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Josh Brolin Talks About Sex Scenes With Megan Fox

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 28, 2009

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin

megan fox

Megan Fox


The star of the upcoming flick Jonah Hex said his sex scene with brunette stunner Megan Fox was quite awkard.

In the movie, Brolin plays gun-slinging Jonah Hex, who has to wear a prosthetic face. Each morning, he spent three hours every day having his mouth pulled back and stuck with gaffer tape for the prosthetics and a mouthpiece to be fitted.

Megan, on the other hand, plays a hot hooker named Leila who falls in love with the masked man. However, Brolin says, “It was tough to figure out how to kiss with that thing on.”

And their love scenes were even more difficult. “To be honest, it was uncomfortable; those scenes are uncomfortable,” he said. “It was especially uncomfortable because I had this thing on my face.”

Make Up Department
  Kimberly Amacker … makeup artist
  Brent Baker … mold technician: Tinsley Transfers Inc.
  Nikki I Brown … makeup artist
  Samantha M. Capps … makeup artist
  Stacey Herbert… makeup artist
  Rolf John Keppler … special makeup effects artist Goremaster Makeup Effects Manual
  Krystal Kershaw … makeup artist
  Eryn Krueger Mekash … special makeup effects artist
  Jack Lazzaro … makeup artist
  Rose Librizzi … makeup artist
  Darryl Lucas … additional makeup artist
  Kerry Mendenhall … key hair stylist
  Gerald Quist … makeup artist: Megan Fox
  Melizah Schmidt … hair stylist
  Christien Tinsley … designer and creator: special makeup effects
  Christien Tinsley … makeup artist: Josh Brolin
  Christien Tinsley … makeup department head

Special Effects Department
  Roland Blancaflor … special effects technician
  James Bomalick… special effects technician
  Bret Borgeson … special effects assistant
  Darin Bouyssou … mold department: Tinsley Transfers
  Chris Cline … special effects technician
  Val Crawford … hair/fabrication: Tinsley Transfer
  Josh Hakian … special effects supervisor
  Edward Joubert… special effects technician
  Cass McClure… special effects technician
  David Waine … special effects coordinator



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