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Seth Rogen Still Hot For Green Hornet

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 20, 2009

Green Hornet and Seth Rogenby Todd Gilchrist – Cinematical.com

Last week Cinematical reported on a casting call advertisement posted July 10 on Spoiler TV for actors to play Kato in Seth Rogen’s long-gestating big screen adaptation of The Green Hornet. While this more or less officially confirmed that actor-director Stephen Chow was permanently off the project, Rogen told reporters that he’s unconcerned about the recent hubbub about the film’s status since he’s known of Chow’s departure for a few months. “In my head, we lost Stephen Chow in April,” Rogen said. “So it’s something I’ve had a lot of time to wrap my head around.”
   In fact, Rogen said that both Chow’s departure and the more recent revelation of that news has not changed his feelings about the film’s progress. “To me we haven’t had a Kato since April, and we’re looking,” he said. “We’re kind of in the same boat we were in beforehand.”
   Rogen has discussed the development of Green Hornet often in interviews, and at Comic-Con last year he joked that there was no audience for it, suggesting that people were more interested in characters from Final GoreMaster Makeup Effects ManualFantasy 19 than in the 1960s television character. But then again, Rogen also seemed to embrace the fact that his interpretation of the character wouldn’t necessarily appeal to the “typical” comic book adaptation audience, if there is one.
   “You know, we’re not trying to make what they would probably consider to be a 100 percent safe version of a movie like this,” Rogen said. “We like to push the envelope in some directions. We like to do things that we find interesting and new and original. You bring Michel Gondry into the equation, and that opens up a whole new bag of worms.”
   Rogen explained that as of right now, he’s inviting many of his former collaborators and pals to offer ideas on how best to bring Green Hornet to the screen. “Right now we’re making a big movie and not many of our friends have made a movie this scale,” he said. “So we’re inviting everyone imaginable to come and just see what it’s like and give us their ideas and throw in their input, have them learn from what we’re doing and to get all their ideas in the process.”

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