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‘Saw’ joins Hollywood Horror Nights 2009 at Universal Studios Hollywood

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 18, 2009

Hollywood Horror Nights 2009 Saw Jigsaw


Brady MacDonald – Los Angeles Times

   Universal Studios Hollywood has fired scare-meisters Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface in favor of “Saw” serial killer Jigsaw for Halloween Horror Nights 2009.

Jigsaw will get his own haunted maze at the fright fest, with additional horror characters to be named to the lineup in the coming months, according to theme park officials.Goremaster Makeup Effects Manual

Horror fan site Bloody Disgusting reports that Michael Myers of “Halloween” fame will join Jigsaw with his own maze in 2009 at Universal Studios Hollywood.

   Sister-park Universal Studios Orlando in Florida is also hiring Jigsaw for Halloween Horror Nights 19 as well as “Child’s Play” killer doll Chucky and the Wolfman, a 1940s horror monster set to get a November 2009 remake staring Benicio Del Toro.

   Set to debut just before Halloween 2009, the sixth film in the “Saw” horror movie franchise revolves around the “Jigsaw Killer” who teaches his victims the value of life via twisted traps, tests and games involving physical or psychological torture.

   The Lionsgate movie studio officially backed a “Saw” haunted house in a shuttered Brea movie theater last Halloween that drew 20,000 visitors, according to Variety.

When: HHN 2009 will take place at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday through Sunday nights in October as well as Thursday, Oct. 29 (with the exception of Friday, Oct. 4).

HHN 19 at Universal Studios Orlando will take place on Thursday through Sunday nights in October as well as Sept. 25 and 26 and Oct. 21 and 28.



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