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Horror film features Giant Pig Man

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 11, 2009

Zack Harold – Daily Mail

   Porkchop - the movie

Some people fear the things that go bump in the night, and some people make movies about them. The guys from Charleston-based Razor Sharp Productions are the second kind.

A film company with two feature-length movies and several shorts to its name, Razor Sharp is the brainchild of director Eamon Hardiman. He began his film career with his 2000 short film “Dead Hate Chores,” shot while he was a student at West Virginia State University. He made another short, “Escape from the Dead,” shortly after that and placed third in the West Virginia International Film Festival’s student competition. “Escape” also received a positive response on the Web, encouraging Eamon to continue his filmmaking efforts.

“We decided, ‘What better way to continue this than to make another zombie movie,’ ” Hardiman said. “Catholic Ghoulgirls,” Razor Sharp’s first feature-length film, came out in 2005.

Eventually Razor Sharp was picked up by Brain Damage Films, an Arizona-based horror movie distributor, and things took off from there. “That was the moment when we went ‘Crap. . .our movies are at FYE,’ ” Hardiman said.

This summer, Razor Sharp is working on another feature film: “Porkchop,” the story of some teenagers partying at an abandoned summer camp and the murderous pig monster they encounter. Hardiman thinks this film will be another step forward for the production company.

“This is going to be the film that shows everybody you can make a film in West Virginia,” says Hardiman.

For “Porkchop,” Brandon Raker joined Razor Sharp Productions to serve as producer and assistant director. One-time prop man Dave Russell returns as Hardiman’s director of photography. Zack Bassham has also come aboard to assist with screenwriting duties. Bassham first worked with Razor Sharp through a music video Hardiman made for The Big Bad, Bassham’s horror-punk band. “He just saw how fun it was to make [The Big Bad video] and he’s a big horror fan, so it’s kind of a natural fit,” says Hardiman.

Bassham says he’s frustrated with the way horror movies are made now, with nearly every film rehashing an earlier one. “Why go and take something that’s good and remove what was good about it? Why not come up with an original idea?”Goremaster Makeup Effects Manual

So Bassham wanted to make “Porkchop” different. He wants to make scary movies fun again. “That’s sort of needed. There’s nothing fun about the movies that are coming out,” Bassham said.

Bassham says the idea for “Porkchop” comes from his “love of the ’80s” and a ghost story about a poltergeist-possessed house inhabited by a giant pig man. He also drew inspiration from a childhood fear of a monster called the Gob Sow. Bassham says he doesn’t know what a Gob Sow is, but his parents threatened him with it when he misbehaved. “I remember thinking there is nothing scarier than a giant pig man,” says Bassham.

So, “Porkchop” was born.

Also entering the Razor Sharp fold is Chris Woodall, a local special effects and makeup artist. Like Bassham, Woodall first worked with Hardiman on the Big Bad music video. The relationship seemed like a natural fit. “I always thought it was weird I’d never worked with [Hardiman] before,” Woodall says. A former trumpet player for the once-local band 69 Fingers, Woodall has worked on make-up for local Dan Kehde and Mark Scarpelli productions like “Frankenstein,” “Mary: A Rock Opera,” and “Griswold and the Goblin King.”

Though Hardiman says his crew is almost ready to begin shooting, a few loose ends have to be tied up. Razor Sharp is still casting for some roles, and is trying to secure the rights for a 1980s-era Ballard’s Farms commercial.  They’re also in need of funding. Fans can buy producer credits online at porkchopmovie.com or purchase Razor SharpT-shirts (on sale at the Blue Parrot and the Empty Glass).

Razor Sharp Productions will begin shooting “Porkchop” at the end of July, and will continue every weekend in August. Raker says they plan to have the movie ready for release by Halloween, but details of the release haven’t been worked out yet. “We don’t want to get too far ahead since we haven’t started shooting yet,” says Raker.

For more information about “Porkchop” or Razor Sharp Productions, call Brandon Raker at 304-807-3289 or visit razorsharppro.blogspot.com.



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