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Good news for Makeup Artists! Academy Makes Change to Make-up Award

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 11, 2009

The Oscar

From Makeup411.com

   The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced a change in the Academy Award® for Achievement in Makeup. The Board of Governors has agreed to a change in the wording so that there may now be a maximum of three nominees, and statuettes awarded, per film. The change takes effect this year.

   According to Leonard Engelman, the academy’s make-up branch governor, nominations may now include “the names of the primary individuals—not to exceed three in number—directly involved with, and principally responsible for, the make-up and hairstyling achieved. No more than two statuettes will normally be given in the make-up category. On occasion, a third statuette may be awarded when there are three primary and essential contributors to the achievement(s).”

   The change in academy rules is “tremendously important” for make-up artists and hairstylists working in the film industry, Engelman said.

   “These few choice words give the branch and the academy an opportunity to better recognize the great achievements seen on screen today. We know that what is accomplished for an Oscar®-nominated film in most cases is not solely accomplished by one, two or even three artists, but by a group of artists working together.”

   The Academy Awards® will air March 7, 2010 on ABC. Check your local listings for timesGoremaster Makeup Effects Manual




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